"The Right Clamp"™ - A Unique Design

"The Right Clamp"™ is designed to hold flat materials square to each other for gluing or other tasks. The inner surface of the parts to be held need to be flat and smooth for the tool to work as designed.

Soldering metal parts can be accomplished by turning the clamping tubes over and adding Teflon tape as an insulator.

Thank you for your interest in "The Right Clamp"™ and we wish you Happy Modeling.

Randy & Lynn Coffman

This Great 90° Clamp is indispensable in many modeling applications. The Access Hole allows glue to be placed at inside corner.

pictured at right...
"The Mini Right Clamp"™ AC-2-2 with American Model Builders HO Tool House and Caboose Laser Kit

Rubber Clamping Pads are friendly to detail on outer surfaces. Compact, Light Weight, Metal construction is strong without causing stress to parts.

pictured at right...
"Original Right Clamp"™ AC-1-1 with Sunshine Models HO car kit

End Screws adjust clamping tube position to match material thickness. Efficient Clamp Design holds gently but firmly. Open Clamp Configuration allows for assembly of "T" section shapes.

pictured at right...
"Long Right Clamp"™ AC-3-2 with 1/4" thick Plexiglas parts

Flexible design is of great assistance where versatility is required. Thumb Nuts allow precise control of clamp pressure for adjusting parts and holding power.

pictured at right...
"Large Right Clamp"™ AC-4-2 with City Classics HO structure kit