"The Combo Right Clamp"™ - A Unique Design

"The Combo Right Clamp"™ has all the features of our other Right Clamps and holds flat materials square to each other for gluing or other tasks. The difference lies in the numerous customer requested extra features now standard on the Combo Right Clamp™.

Thank you for your interest in "The Combo Right Clamp"™ and we wish you Happy Modeling.

Randy & Lynn Coffman

Weather you use a Soldering Iron, Soldering Gun, Soldering Station, Resistance Unit or Torch, the Hi Temperature Silicone Rubber clamping pads make the "Combo Right Clamp"™ perfect for the task.

Heavier 1/8" Base Angle
Heavier 1/8" aluminum Base Angle material provides good heat sink protection.

Vise Tab Extension
The Vise Tab Extension allows the "Combo Right Clamp"™ to be securely held in a vise in almost any position. "Hands Free" access to your project is important anytime, but especially so during soldering operations.

Mini Alignment Grooves
Customer requests for ways of holding wire, like handrails, resulted in custom clamps with Mini Alignment Grooves. These grooves near end of Base Angle are for holding small wire or other materials at 90°.

Medium Alignment Grooves
Additional Medium Alignment Grooves in Base Angle, at the first Access Hole, are for securely holding various round and some structural shape materials at 90°.

End Notch
The End Notch is an open ended Access Hole at the very end of the Base Angle of the "Combo Right Clamp"™. The End Notch offers many new useful functions by providing full access to the corner joint of a variety of structural shapes.

Axial Relief Notches
On occasion our customers have needed extra room at the inside corner of parts to be joined. The Axial Relief Notches run the length of the "Combo Right Clamp"™ at the outside corner of Base Angle to provide this extra clearance.

End Screw Thumb Nuts
We are especially proud of the notes we get telling us how our tool(s) allow them to continue to model when they might not otherwise be able to do so. As fingers get older, easy things become more difficult. The addition of locking nuts as End Screw Thumb Nuts allows easier adjustment of the Clamping Tube position for different part thicknesses.