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Introducing the New "Combo Right Clamp™

Over the years we have produced clamps with custom features to satisfy special needs of our customers. This "Combo" clamp combines many of these features into one soldering and gluing clamp.

These special features include:

  1. Hi Temperature Silicone Rubber clamping pads withstand heat from all types of soldering methods.
  2. Heavier 1/8" aluminum Base Angle material provides good heat sink protection.
  3. Vise Tab Extension for securely holding clamp in almost any position allows "Hands Free" access to your project.
  4. Mini and Medium Alignment Grooves in Base Angle for securely holding round materials.
  5. End Notch provides full access to joint of structural shapes held at very end of clamp jaw.
  6. Relief Notches at outside corner of Base Angle provide extra clearance where parts are joined.
  7. End Screw Thumb Nuts allow easier adjustment of Clamping Tube position for different part thicknesses.

The AC-7-1 "Combo Right Clamp"™ with 5/16" x 5/16" Brass Structural "H" Section.

"Combo Right Clamp"™ holding walls of HO scale Main Street Heritage Models resin structure kit

Resistance Soldering of Quality Craft Models HOn3 brass caboose kit with a test prototype "Combo Right Clamp"™
"The Original Splice Clamp"™
"The Right Clamp"™
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